Validate what you know.
Reveal™ what you don’t.


You have data. Lots of data. Data from many sources and numerous reports. But does it help you to take action?

Reveal a better way.

Actionable Reporting

Tired of struggling through endless spreadsheets with tens of thousands of claim records?


Frustrated that when you do know which claims to review, it takes an eternity to locate them?


Discouraged by cumbersome reporting and the training challenges of your various home-grown systems? How well does data move from one source to another so you easily can take action?


Reveal identifies your areas of concern and presents your data in a format that lets you take action to save dollars and stay in compliance.

Show Me How My Data Looks in Reveal


Do more with less. Sure, it’s a common mantra, but how do you actually do that?

Here’s a hint: Reveal.

Return on Your Investment

Reveal often finds millions of dollars of fraud, waste and abuse for our clients in the first search alone. And over time, the ease with which Reveal helps them recoup from both PBM and pharmacies enables them to systematically root out and eliminate the causes of FWA. Reveal ROI? Starting at 2:1.

Prove It to Me


Dollars are great for the government, but patients care about their own outcomes.

Do you need a better system that helps you focus on drug adherence? Reveal can show you which patients are not refilling when they should, and raise the flag for action.

Running a Medicare Part D plan? Reveal can also look at your rejected claims and allow you to take quick action where needed.

Positive Patient Outcomes

Monitoring a patient’s rejected claims to ensure she gets the medication she needs to be better. Spotting what could be potential opioid overutilization and helping a man get his treatment back on track.


Positive outcomes are at the heart of what you do: they’re good for your clients, and they’re good for your bottom line.


Reveal helps you handle the right claims with the right actions so that your outcome measures keep improving.

Show Me How Reveal Will Help My Patients

Reveal™ Modules

Reveal has a module for just about any situation you want to monitor, and we’re developing new ones all the time.

CMS estimates up to 10% of healthcare funds are lost to fraud every year. Fraud gets the headlines, but it’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

What if you could fix wasteful practices before the claims are paid?

Or find shady activity before it becomes a problem?

How much is it worth to employ a system that lets you know what’s happening in your program right now?

Hands-on staffing support can stretch thin your resources. But it’s a vital part of ensuring a positive member experience. And you have to do it to show CMS that you have a comprehensive rejected claim management program.

Reveal Rejections eliminates much of the manual effort required to monitor rejected claims.

Reveal enables you to verify that the plan management is aligned with appropriate CMS guidance, plan design and eligibility.

Reveal Pricing

Surprise parties? Fun. An unexpected note from your kindergartner? Heartwarming.

Pharmacy benefit pricing surprises? Not fun. Not heartwarming.

Reveal™ Pricing provides ongoing assessment of the PBM’s financial performance.

With it’s ability to provide timely financial oversight by validating expected pricing performance, one thing’s for certain: There will be no surprises.





Skeptical? Let Us Demonstrate!

Not convinced our reporting and interface will save you both money and time? Not sure about our ROI claims? Uncertain how Reveal can have an affect on patient outcomes?

We’d like to prove it!

Arrange to send us a sample of your data and we’ll show you how Reveal will change the way you look at your data. Complete this form to get the ball rolling!

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What Makes Reveal™ So Smart?

Over the last decade, we’ve been improving the business intelligence behind Reveal through actual use. Our industry experts employ the same algorithms to help health plans and self-insured groups use their data to improve their business. Now you have access to that same intelligence.

It’s What You’ve Always Imagined

Reveal is a Web-based healthcare benefit surveillance and analytics package powered by TRICAST, the country’s most innovative—and awesome—pharmacy benefits experts. We’re headquartered in Milwaukee and amaze clients nationwide.

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